Awareness Programs

Blood is a life-saving drug and a scarce resource.  It cannot by manufactured in laboratories as other medicines.  The onus of sharing this resource is among the residents of the society itself.  Shortage of blood components is a harsh reality in the hills Uttarakhand.  Patients of the remote areas are referred to higher centers in Dehradun due to non-availability of Blood and mortality during transit is not uncommon. 

The IMA Blood Bank initiated a project to share information regarding NRVBD across the State of Uttarakhand.  The Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust (NRTT) munificently supported the project and various awareness activities were conducted over a period of three years.

The objective of the school education and development program was to sensitize the school children in the age groups of 13 to 17 regarding the perennial shortage of blood, importance of NRVBD and how Blood Donation can save lives.

S.No. Activity Number Areas covered
1. Awareness programs in schools 220 All Districts of Uttarakhand
2. Children sensitized regarding NRVBD 57,845 All Districts of Uttarakhand
3. Puppet shows and skits 72 All Districts of Uttarakhand
4. Quiz contests 39 All Districts of Uttarakhand
5. Rallies 36 All Districts of Uttarakhand
6. Poster competitions 36 All Districts of Uttarakhand
7. Women empowerment programs 36 All Districts of Uttarakhand
8. Teachers’ Training workshops 12 12 Districts of Uttarakhand

 The project envisages that if each student shares the information about NRVBD with four members of his family, more than 200,000 residents shall gain knowledge to blood facts and the students themselves have good probability of becoming regular blood donors when they reach the age of 18 years.  Teachers’ training workshops were conducted with the aim of sharing information through school teachers even after the project comes to an end.



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