Mission Pink Health

IMA Blood Bank of Uttarakhand

Started a new Program “MISSION PINK HEALTH” in which we are educating Girls, women’s and School Children to focus on Health & Hygiene Awareness. The mission is aimed at improving the general health of and eradicating anemia among adolescent girls. In Uttarakhand more than 50% women, including those pregnant and breastfeeding are anemic, according to a report from the UNICEF in INDIA one women in three between 15 and 49 years of age is malnourished.


To improve Adolescent health by scientific update on physical, emotional, psychosexual aspects of adolescent phase- The future mothers.

To make Adolescents Anemia free

To Spread the importance of Welcome the Girl Child

Menstrual Health hygiene Awareness

Prevention of child sexual abuse (good touch /bad touch awareness

To Conduct awareness talks in Govt. and Private Schools as well as Colleges, Villages, NGO’s and other organizations.

These programs are as follows:

  • Personal Hygiene Awareness
  • Prevention of vector Born Diseases
  • Prevention of water Born Diseases
  • Prevention of Social Media Addiction
  • Prevention of Drug & Substance Abuse


We need your valuable support as we need fund for this Program IMA BLOOD BANK OF UTTARAKHAND. With various women empowerment activities and training there has been a significant increase in the confidence of Women. Such program will stimulate women groups and thus we will motivate the entire community to take up hygiene, sanitation, family planning and health care activities with the Community.


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